American Standard - ASHRAE 110:1995

This is the prevailing safety standard for fume hoods in the USA. It consists of a rigourous series of tests that evaluate the fume hoods' performance in simulated lab situations.

Airflow Visualization

By means of a smoke gun, the airflow pattern inside the hood is observed. This is a visual assesment of the hoods performance.

Observation Assesment
No reverse flow, no escape. Fair

Face Velocity Measurement

This test measures the face velocity of the air as it enters the sash opening.

Face Velocity Measurement

Typical measurement grid for 2.4m / 8 feet at 457mm / 18" sash opening.

Labguard fume hoods are tested for all three. The labguard High Performance fume hood clearsthe tracer gas test with flying colours, even with lower than 100fpm face velocity.

Tracer Gas Containment

Face Velocity Measurement

This is by far the most important test in the ASHRAE regime. As part of the test SF6 is released inside the hood at 4 L/min at a number of locations for complete stress testing of hood. To simulate the operator a dummy is used and concentration of SF6 is measured near dummy's face.

Test criteria: Leakage of less than 0.05ppm as-manufactured.