Lab Design

Lab Design is the process of designing your lab from an open space. Simply give us an open space along with dimensions etc. our associate architects with years of experience in deigning labs will design the layout of the lab. Following the lab layout our team of engineers identifies the right equipment and furniture depending on your needs and budget and also plan for the proper and safe laying out utility lines.

What you get is a complete CAD layout or engineering drawing that details how your lab should look down to the finest details.

Lab Planning

LabGuard brings to you advanced Lab Planning services. Simply give us a CAD or drawing layout of your lab (that comes from the architect) and we will plan your lab for you, depending on your budget and requirements. The scope of planning includes identifying the right equipment, furniture and planning for the layout of utilities.

Benefiting on our years of experience in lab equipment construction and laboratory design and construction we create solutions that are optimal for your needs and budget.