Fume Hoods

Being fume hood experts ourselves, LabGuard fume hoods have all the right features, a seasoned scientist will need!

Modular Lab Furniture

Our in house lab planners can help you plan your lab with smallest possible detailing about lab furniture.

Design & Build

Labguard creates laboratory designs which are World Class, Innovative, Safe, Flexible, Cost effective.

Who we are

We are LabGuard, An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and one of India’s leading manufacturers of Fume Hoods and Laboratory Furniture. Because of our consistent focus on quality and innovation we have grown to become one of India’s most respected fume hood companies, with products on par with the best in the world.

As a company of engineers, we understand the importance of well designed lab furniture and reliable fume hoods in ensuring smooth workflow and productive work environment for you. The key to our successful innovation has been our practice of constantly listening to our customers. Guided by their needs our dedicated automation and research team has developed and incorporated a number of useful features into our products.

Our extensive manufacturing facilities run only the most modern manufacturing and quality control processes. Constant training ensures that the staff can deploy even the most complicated systems with utmost efficiency. We are registered members of the SEFA, USA (a prestigious association of global lab furniture manufactures) and are committed to bringing world class quality to lab furniture. Our long and illustrious list of clients both in India and abroad is testament to our build quality and design prowess.