Smart Sash System


The AutoSash system is an intelligent system that detects operator presence. It sets the sash at a safe working height when it detects an operator and closes the sash if it detects no operator present for over 2 minutes.
The automatically closed sash ensures that the minimum amount of Air Conditioned air is wasted from the lab and gives you the maximum benefit of the VAV airflow system.*

Enhanced safety:
At its closed position, your fume hood provides you with the maximum safety, there is absolutely no chance of leakage of any sort. Smart Sash system from LabGuard gives you enhanced safety as well as the maximum savings from your Quantum Flow or VAV flow control systems.

Energy Saving Calculations

  Competitor Labguard
  Constant Volume Auto Bypass
Inventa + VAV + Smartsash
Inventa + Quantum flow
+ Smartsash
Exhaust at safe opening height of 1.5 feet (450 mm) 750 CFM for all 8 hours 600 CFM when sash open for 1 hour and 315 CFM when sash closed for 7 hours
Weighted Average exhaust per hour 750 CFM 351 CFM
Exhaust cost per year for an AC lab 1,68,750/- or $ 3750 78,975/- or $ 1755
Absolute savings NA 89,775/- or $ 1995
Savings in %age NA 53% saving
Cost implications Low High
Safety level High Extremely High