Maxima Series

Maxima Series

Maxima is the classic fume hood model from LabGuard. A widely hailed and extremely popular design, it has grown to become an industry standard in India with many attempts being made at replication. We now also offer you a number of optional features developed by us in-house with the Maxima hood, the Auto Bypass flow system offers complete protection from fumes. The Maxima range also gives you great flexibility with features such as Active Kinetics and Auto Fire Extinguisher; your Maxima range fume hood gives you world class service at value for money prices.



  • Complete Safety:
    ASHRAE 110:1995 & EN-14175 compliant
  • Classic looks
  • Wide range of options: Autosash, auto fire extinguisher system, Airflow monitors
  • Comfort and durability: fine control utility fittings by leading Indian manufacturer
  • Ergonomic design


LabGuard Furniture and Fume hoods offer you a wide range of accessories. Just click on the tabs below to find out more information about the various options that we offer you.

When it comes to safety, it always pays to know more. Fume hoods come in a number of airflow types. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of airflow types plays a vital role in deciding which fume hood is best suited to your needs.

Auto BypassAuto Bypass: (Used in Maxima range)
Auto bypass systems ensure that a constant airflow is maintained through the fume hood. This is done by means of a bypass valve that lets in more air as the sash is closed. The bypass system ensures that the HVAC system does not have an unnecessary load on them. This system is cheaper in terms of initial cost, but in case of AC labs, the large volume of air lost increases operating costs.

High PerformanceHigh performance hoods (Technology used in Inventa Range):
LabGuard’s own research has led to the development of this system. Our research team has incorporated a number of aerodynamic enhancements into the fume hood. The system requires significantly less airflow than conventional auto bypass hoods, while giving you total safety. This leads to great savings in airflow and is economical in the long run.

Variable Air VolumeVariable Air volume (Available with Inventa Range):
One of the latest advances in fume hood technology: variable air volume (VAV) fume hoods change the blower fan speeds as the sash is closed. In case of AC labs this system leads to great savings in the long run, reducing the amount of air lost. Click here to view the demo for Airflow types
  Worktops Applications
Black Granite Black granite Average chemical resistance. Suitable for general chemistry applications.
Solid Ceramic Slab Solid ceramic slab Premium quality, material with very good chemical resistance.
Brittle in nature, not for high impact applications.
Epoxy Worktop Epoxy worktop Premium quality material with high chemical resistance
PVC PVC Used for Hydro Fluoric Acid applications often in conjunction with Washdown system.
SS 304 SS 304 For radioisotope or medical applications.
SS 316L SS 316L For food grade or medical applications.
  Sockets Applications
5/15A sockets & switch 5/15A sockets & switch Used for majority instruments.
20A industrial sockets & MCB 20A industrial sockets & MCB For heavy duty equipments.
16A plastic BCH & MCB 16A plastic BCH & MCB For heavy duty equipments.
20A metal BCH & MCB 20A metal BCH & MCB For heavy duty equipments.
Flameproof sockets with rotary switches Flameproof sockets with rotary switches For flameproof area
Utility Valves:
Labguard offers you wide range of utility taps and service fittings suitable for every budget. You can choose between imported Italian taps or quality taps made by Indian manufacturers. Imported taps comply with all relevant European standards such as DIN 12898 regulation as well as any relevant ISO standards. They give you very fine and precise control. The Indian taps are very high quality and they also employ needle valves offering you great flexibility at lower prices.

Blowers and Scrubbers Applications
LabGuard blowers Poly Propylene +FRP Indian blowers, PP impeller, high efficiency
Imported blowers Moulded Poly Propylene (Single piece, no joints) High efficiency
Scrubbers Packed bed scrubber for pollution free air

  Filters Applications
HEPA filter For radioisotope applications
Activated Carbon Filter For filtering moderate level fumes
Liner Applications
Laminate For general chemistry applications.
Polypropylene For high acid digestion processes.
PVC For perchloric acid usage
SS 304 For radioisotope or medical applications.
SS 316L For food grade or medical applications.
Base Cabinets(Types) Applications
Chemical Storage cabinet Special chemical resistant MOC for durability
Apparatus Storage cabinet Epoxy powder coated GI for strength
Auto Sash system

Reduce operating costs while working conveniently.

The AutoSash system is an intelligent system that detects operator presence. It sets the sash at a safe working height when it detects an operator and closes the sash if it detects no operator present for over 2 minutes.

The automatically closed sash ensures that the minimum amount of Air Conditioned air is wasted from the lab and gives you the maximum benefit of the VAV airflow system.